Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Nashua Civil Law Attorneys | Winer & Bennett
Civil Litigation Practice

The law office of Winer and Bennett, LLP in Nashua, New Hampshire specializes in civil litigation, aggressively putting years of experience to work for our clients. Civil litigation attorney David Pinsonneault has worked for over 30 years representing clients in a complete range of civil matters.

To borrow from Von Clausewitz, a famous Prussian soldier and military theorist, litigation is business negotiation by another means. Winer & Bennett never loses sight of this central point. We initiate and pursue litigation on behalf of our clients always with the business goals of our clients uppermost in our minds. Using creative pre trial strategies we strive to assure that we cost effectively move toward outcomes that serve our clients’ interests. This may mean negotiation, mediation or arbitration. If events compel or client goals require trial to a jury and judge or an administrative body, Winer & Bennett’s lawyers have decades of successful trial experience in federal and state courts throughout New Hampshire and the Northeast.

Our Nashua civil law attorneys have successfully represented clients in the litigation of a wide range of subject matters including: Disputes between businesses, Defending against claims made against corporations and individuals, Financial institution claims against debtors, Real estate disputes, Claims of environmental violations, Insurance coverage disputes, Non-competition agreements and trade secrets, Planning Board and Zoning Board appeals.

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