Criminal Law

Criminal Law

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Nashua Criminal Law

Winer and Bennett, LLP offers experienced legal expertise in all matters of criminal law. Our most experienced criminal defense attorney, Kent Barker, has practiced criminal law and defended clients accused of criminal offenses for over 30 years, and has a tremendous record of the best possible outcomes for his clients. As a criminal defense attorney at one of Nashua, New Hampshire’s top law firms, Kent Barker aggressively pursues justice and fair practices in the best interest of his clients. Attorney Brenner Webb also handles criminal defense matters and tirelessly advocates for his clients interests to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are a few experiences in life as devastating as being charged with a criminal offense. The criminal justice system is daunting and complicated. The effects of a criminal conviction could have permanent consequences and even loss of liberty. The threat that a criminal charge brings to one’s family is not to be underestimated. When faced with a crisis of this magnitude, it makes no sense to trust the future to anyone other than a skilled and experienced lawyer who is familiar with byways and hidden passages of the criminal system. At Winer and Bennett, we understand that a quick response to your inquiry is the key to gaining an advantage in the litigation. We are experienced in the field and work with clients in a professional and efficient manner.

The lawyers at Winer and Bennett, LLP have the skill, experience, and compassion necessary to present the very best defense available for each individual client. We investigate, analyze, and prepare each step of the criminal process to ensure the very best result. Whether it is the most complicated criminal case or a simple traffic matter, trust the Nashua criminal law attorneys at Winer and Bennett, LLP to get the best result possible.

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