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60 Years of Experience

The law firm of Winer and Bennett, LLP has been providing exceptional legal advice and advocacy to its individual and corporate clients for over 60 years. Nearly all of the firm’s 10 lawyers have decades of experience in a select subset of the office’s wide range of practice areas.

The attorneys at the law office of Winer & Bennett work as a team with the resources necessary to provide each and every client with the legal support required in an efficient and effective manner. If we can be of service, it would be our pleasure to hear from you.

One of the most experienced and successful law firms in southern New Hampshire

The attorneys of Winer and Bennett pride themselves on providing effective and personable legal counsel in matters including Personal Injury, such as Car and Motorcycle Accidents, Slip and Falls, Wrongful Death, as well as a host of other practice areas including Estate Planning and Probate, Civil Litigation, Family Law and Divorce, Workers’ Compensation, Criminal Defense, Condominium Law and Real Estate matters.

Personal Injury

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Your objective, as the law provides, is to be fairly compensated for what someone has caused you.

Under New Hampshire law, a person who is injured by the wrongful conduct of another is to receive “full, fair and adequate” compensation for their losses and harms. But that doesn’t just happen. And what is “full, fair and adequate” shouldn’t be the decision of the party who has to pay. A personal injury claim is a complicated, risky and highly adversarial process. On one side is a liability insurance company with enormous resources. It is in their business interest to do whatever they can to minimize their cost. On the other side is the injured party who must have the support and backup required to receive fair payment for what he or she had suffered. The law firm of Winer and Bennett, LLP has been successfully fighting those fights for our clients at every level of the New Hampshire court system for over 60 years. We take great pride in helping others, and we’re convinced that making wrongdoers accountable for their actions makes our society a safer place for all of us.

Workers’ Compensation

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Injured workers have protections under New Hampshire law. Often, however, those protections are not provided without the help of a knowledgeable and experienced advocate. The lawyers at Winer and Bennett, LLP have been fighting for injured workers for over 30 years. They know how it works and what it takes to win. Payment for their services to injured workers is not due until and unless there is a successful recovery

Family Law & Divorce

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The breakdown of a marriage is a difficult life experience, and the role of a lawyer in such cases is complex. At Winer and Bennett, LLP, we consider it our fundamental objective in these matters to work with the opponent and/or the court system to achieve the best results for the client at the most reasonable cost. We believe that lawyer’s first approach should be as a problem solver, because the best and most cost-effective resolution is usually by voluntary agreement. However, when settlement simply isn’t a viable option, we will provide the thorough and no-nonsense advocacy required to successfully present the case to a judge.

Winer and Bennett’s family law attorneys have many decades of experience in all facets of family law, including: divorce, property distribution, alimony, child custody, child support, mediation. Our lawyers have counseled and advocated many hundreds of cases involving such family matters. With over 65 years of combined family law experience, the lawyers of Winer and Bennett offer an understanding of the difficulties involved in the process with the skill and experience to forcefully advocate for the client’s best interests.

Criminal Law

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There are few experiences as devastating as being charged with a criminal offense. The personal and professional impacts of a conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life. For those unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, the process is daunting and complicated.

Whether it is the most complicated criminal case or a simple traffic matter, the criminal law attorneys at Winer and Bennett, LLP have the skill, experience, and compassion necessary to protect your constitutional rights. We will investigate, analyze, and prepare each step of the criminal process to ensure the best result possible.

Real Estate

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Winer and Bennett, LLP is a Nashua law firm offering extensive experience in commercial and institutional real estate. Brad Westgate has practiced real estate law and land use law for nearly 40 years. He has successfully represented countless builders, developers, landlords and tenants, lenders and more; navigating the legal system to get his clients the results they need. He is now joined by associate Barbara Westgate Halevi, who brings drafting and deal management skills from her background in corporate law.

Insurance Recovery

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The lack of attention to insurance assets can result in not having the coverage you need or in a failure to get the full measure of financial security that you are owed.

Your insurance policies are a valuable business or personal asset just as surely as your real estate, equipment or even cash. Too often, however, after the initial expenditure to purchase the policies, they are filed away, ignored and sometimes even forgotten. When crisis hits in the form of property loss or a third party claim, your insurance is often the single most important bulwark against very serious losses.

Estate Planning and Probate

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How will your family care for you if you become incapacitated?

Everyone needs a plan for their family and their assets in the event of incapacity or death. Who will care for your minor children if something happens to you? How can you minimize estate taxation and inefficient administration of your assets? How will your family care for you if you become incapacitated? Our estate planning attorneys will thoroughly examine your assets and the dynamics of your family. They will listen to your goals and recommend a thoughtful, comprehensive plan that will serve you and your family well.

Business Law

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The business attorneys at Winer & Bennett have over 30 years of experience assisting and advising companies in legal matters.

Winer and Bennett, LLP is a Nashua law firm that offers decades of experience assisting and advising clients in business law. Winer and Bennett handles business law matters for businesses and corporations, both locally in New Hampshire and throughout New England.

Civil Trial Practice and Dispute Resolution

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Winer and Bennett is dedicated to providing clients with strong representation, whether they be plaintiffs or defendants, to resolve their disputes.

Winer and Bennett’s Trial Practice and Dispute Resolution Practice effectively complements the law firm’s Business, Real Estate, Probate and Condominium practice sections, in addition to standing on its own. Note that this practice section is distinct from the Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Family Law & Divorce and Criminal Law practices at the law firm. Please click on the links to these practice sections for more information about them

Condominium Law

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Although all condominiums operate under the same statutes and legal framework, we are mindful of the fact that each association has its own individual characteristics and community.

The Condominium law attorneys at Winer and Bennett, LLP provide a wide range of assistance and advice to a variety of clients. We are able to assist developers, property managers, association boards and unit owners. We provide services related to the formation, development and management of commercial and residential condominiums, as well as association instruments, operations, rules and regulations and lien enforcement.

Landlord and Leasing

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Winer and Bennett, LLP is a law firm in Nashua, New Hampshire that maintains an extensive practice representing both institutional and individual landlords. Winer and Bennett assists landowners in all aspects of the leasing of their property including the drafting of leases and related documents, resolving disputes with tenants, and conducting residential and commercial evictions. Our practice includes representation of clients with interests in manufactured housing, an area of the law which presents specific and unique issues of law.

Environmental Law

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Winer and Bennett, LLP is one of New Hampshire’s leading law firms for environmental law, and is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of New Hampshire and the environmental health and safety of our communities. Winer & Bennett environmental attorneys like Dave Pinsonneault work closely with clients to get results. He has nearly 35 years of experience serving individuals and businesses before the justice system, and he applies his experience to environmental law issues for Winer & Bennett.

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