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Workers Compensation

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Nashua Workers’ Compensation Law

Winer and Bennett, LLP is Nashua’s most experienced law firm in matters of workers’ compensation law. In New Hampshire, a worker who is injured in the course of work is entitled to help. It is not only fair, it is the law of our State. Workers’ compensation attorney Peter Webb has over 30 years experience representing injured workers in matters of workers compensation.

Injured on the job? You have rights. Workers who suffer work injuries are to receive four basic workers’ compensation benefits: weekly disability benefits to replace 60% of the wages lost, payment of related medical bills, help in returning to work, and an award for permanent loss of function of a part of the body. However, the reality is that those benefits are often not provided willingly or fully by workers’ compensation insurance companies. Protecting your workers’ compensation rights requires the assistance of someone who has a thorough command of the law and the process; the attorneys at the Nashua law firm of Winer and Bennett, LLP. Rest assured that the insurance company will work to minimize the cost of your workers compensation claim.

Having a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side early on can make all the difference. To enable you to afford to protect your rights, it is an option for you to hire our lawyers on the basis that they are paid only if they are successful. For decades, the Nashua workers’ compensation attorneys at Winer and Bennett, LLP have been fighting on behalf of injured workers at the New Hampshire Department of Labor, the Compensation Appeals Board, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, as well as at the New Hampshire Legislature. They welcome the opportunity to put their experience to work for you.

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