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September 2015

Attorney Brenner Webb of Winer and Bennett, LLP was featured in the latest edition of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce’s Spotlight newsletter recognizing his membership in the Chamber’s Ambassador Committee. To see the article, please visit our Facebook page at:

Invisible Insurance

When you bring suit to recover for injuries caused by someone else, you sue the responsible party.  You may not name the responsible party’s insurance company in the suit.  In fact, if reference is made in the presence of the jury to the fact that there was insurance, a mistrial would be declared. The judicial

Loose Lips (and fingers) Sink Ships

Dear Client: Please be forewarned that your opponent in a lawsuit will very interested in your social media postings.  You have to assume that the other side will be combing through whatever there is out there in your name to pick up what they can to undermine your case.  This includes postings on:  Facebook, MySpace,