Premises Injury

Legal Fault for Injury from Dangerous Conditions New Hampshire law requires that owners and occupiers of property use a reasonable amount of care in the way they construct, use, and maintain their property.  They are not responsible for an injury simply because it happened on their property.  Landowners can be legally at fault for an

Modernizing Minimum Insurance Coverage

We recently concluded a case for a vehicle crash client who had suffered a broken hip which required surgery to fix.  She had been injured in a crash while she was a passenger on a motorcycle.  Her medical bills alone totaled $75,000.00.  The evidence clearly established that the motorcyclist, after turning right on to a

Use of Information

One of my favorite quotes of the past ten years is by the author Philip Caputo who wrote “we drink greedily from the salt water of information while our throats are parched for droplets of wisdom.”  So it seems that our world edges ever closer to the inevitable conclusion that all of the information we

Family Law – Know What to Expect

The new year begins with a commentary on family law.  Specifically, on parental rights and responsibilities.  Too often, parties look at children, or time with their children as a commodity to be bargained for.  In October, 2005, the Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act, RSA 461-A, was enacted into law.  This act drastically changed the way

The rights of someone injured at work are often misunderstood by those who haven’t had the misfortune. The way it is supposed to work is that if one can prove that employment activity caused injury, one is eligible to receive:  60% of any resulting income loss, payment of the necessary medical expenses, help returning to

Trend of the Law in New Hampshire

The  trend of New Hampshire law today is to reduce the ability of a person wrongfully injured to recover for his or her losses.  It used to be that if you were a passenger injured in a car crash by the combined negligence of your driver and another driver, you were entitled to be made