Power Corrupts

Some of our state legislators have embarked on a campaign to diminish the power of the judicial branch of state government. They are doing so by proposing legislation such as periodic evaluation screenings of judges and challenging the Court’s power to make its own rules.  These are the efforts of people in government who want

A man was being interviewed about a machine he had invented.  He said that it turned septic effluent into perfectly clean water.  The interviewer asked whether it was being used anywhere to provide household drinking water.  He replied, “no, lawsuits you know ….:” The safety of our roads, homes, machines, medicines, cars, food, tools, toys,

Hot Coffee

The NH Association for Justice recently screened a documentary entitled “Hot Coffee” at the Red River Theater in Concord.  The public was invited.  The attendees were from the legal and legislative communities mostly.  The film’s title refers to the famous McDonalds personal injury case where the Plaintiff was awarded over one million dollars for damages

WHAT IS WORKERS’ COMPENSATION? Workers’ Compensation is a system of laws created by our legislature which govern the rights and duties of an employee who suffers a work injury.  With few exceptions, an employer who hires one or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance.  That insurance provides benefits for all injuries arising out of

Crime and the Media

The temptation is to make an entry on the “issue of the day” whatever that issue may be.  Instead, the subject matter of this post will be Crime and the Media and the role that it plays in our lives.  It seems at first blush that the subject is rather dry and, once a case is

How Delays Deny Justice

The word came down from a clerk in a Hillsborough County Family Court (9th Circut) that all final hearings were being scheduled out to June.  Our case is a contested custody case where the Guardian Ad Litem has already made a recommendation.  This leaves a delay of about nine months for this family to move

REPORTING THE CRASH A motor vehicle crash should be reported to the police and/or the Department of Safety.  Although injury or vehicle damage may initially seem modest, any crash must be treated seriously.  At the scene, exchange name, address, and insurance company information.  If the police respond, they will make out a report.  That report


WHAT IS A DIVORCE? Our laws give our courts the power to terminate a marriage on “fault” or “no-fault” grounds.  A fault divorce is based on proof that the marriage was caused to break down because of certain forms of misconduct, including: extreme cruelty, adultery, conduct endangering reason.  In a no-fault divorce, the divorce is

Contingent Fees

Most of my personal injury clients hire me on a contingent fee.  That means that I am not paid for my services until and unless I am able to get my client paid for his or her losses. Paying for legal services only if you win is a modern concept.  We frequently hear the argument that being able to

Circuit Courts Are Upon Us

The advent of the Circuit Courts in NH is upon us.  The idea is to centralize the services provided by the Court in order to reduce administrative costs and, in theory, to make the Court more convenient for the consumer.  One stop shopping.  Where we now have Probate Court, Family Court, Juvenile Court, and Criminal Court, all those