Family Law & Divorce Lawyer in Nashua, New Hampshire

Family law and divorce.The Nashua family & divorce lawyers at Winer & Bennett, LLP: Our family attorneys have years of experience in all matters of family law, including divorce, child custody, mediation, child support, and more. Family law attorneys With over 40 years of combined litigation experience, the lawyers of Winer & Bennett combine knowledge of your legal options with the sensitivity necessary when dealing with family legal matters.

Family law. Family law is a particularly dynamic and demanding area of the practice of law. The dissolution of marriage, and the associated issues, often involve a wide range of financial, legal, and emotional questions. Winer & Bennett family law attorneys have decades of experience in navigating those rough waters for their clients. Reasonable effort is always made to minimize the costs, delay, and acrimony through voluntary settlement. However, when that is not an option, the seasoned trial skills of Winer & Bennett family lawyers are put to work to protect and advance the clients interests before the Court.