Insurance Recovery Attorney Nashua, New Hampshire

Insurance recovery. Your insurance policies are a valuable business or personal asset just as surely as your Real Estate, equipment or even cash. Too often, however, after the initial expenditure to purchase the policies, they are filed away, ignored and sometimes even forgotten. When crisis hits in the form of property loss or a third party claim, your insurance is often the single most important bulwark against very serious losses.

Winer and Bennett, LLP, a Nashua law firm, specializes in matters of Insurance Recovery and all Insurance Recovery laws. Attorney John Edwards is very experienced in Insurance Recovery, and works closely with his clients for the best results. John Edwards has successfully represented policyholders in disputes totalling tens of millions of dollars over his many years with the firm, winning cases in New Hampshire and throughout New England.

Insurance recovery. The lack of attention to insurance assets can result in not having the coverage you need or in a failure to get the full measure of financial security that you are owed. This problem is compounded by an adversary, in the form of the insurance industry that holds disproportionate power in terms of its resources, relationships and understanding of its often impenetrable policy forms.

To stand any chance of realizing a fair measure of value from your insurance, you must have experienced coverage counsel to guide you through the process of purchase, claims handling and, if necessary, Insurance Recovery litigation. Also, counsel must be able to advocate zealously for the policyholder without fear that the advocacy will harm business relationships that lawyer or his or her law firm may have with insurers.

The lack of attention to insurance assets can result in not having the coverage you need or in a failure to get the full measure of financial security that you are owed.

Winer & Bennett has the experience you need and the firm represents policyholders not insurance companies. Winer & Bennett lawyers have decades of experience and results obtaining insurance recoveries on behalf of large publicly traded companies, closely held businesses and even individuals. We have employed aggressive, creative and, most importantly, successful cost recovery strategies on behalf of policyholders in the context of directors and officers liability insurance, general liability insurance, employment liability insurance, intellectual property liability insurance, errors and omissions liability insurance, fidelity and crime insurance, first party property insurance and business interruption insurance.

These coverage matters have arisen from underlying claims grounded in securities fraud, mortgage banking, construction defects, intellectual property violations, securities trading errors, environmental liabilities, product liabilities, personal injuries, and anti-competitive business conduct. Also, Winer & Bennett has handled very large and complex first party property and business interruption losses on behalf of public agencies, business and individuals. When appropriate, we have vigorously pursued and successfully obtained judgments for bad faith claims handling.

In addition to our decades of experience pursuing insurance recoveries, Winer & Bennett advises clients about the coverage that they are thinking about purchasing and also about coverage that they might consider purchasing. Similarly, Winer & Bennett has advised about structuring claims protocols and systems for its business clients. Often, some of the problems and expenses that policyholders routinely face when it comes time to make a claim can be avoided by this kind of legal advice.