Product Liability Lawyers Nashua, New Hampshire

We are blessed to live in a time of sophisticated and complex technology. Our quality of life has benefitted enormously from the drive to create newer and better things. However, that doesn’t mean that manufacturers shouldn’t be responsible for causing injury when they aren’t reasonably careful and when they put a dangerous product on the market. The fact is that our law makes them responsible, and that fact is key to promoting safety in our daily lives through accountability. Whether the product is a toy, a tool, a pill, a machine or an appliance, our citizens have the right to recover for injuries caused by people or companies responsible for putting a defective and unreasonably dangerous product in the marketplace.

Liability insurance is purchased to cover injuries caused by such actions, but the insurance company will do what it can to minimize the cost of any claim. An injured party, therefore, needs to have someone on his or her side. Without a properly prepared claim which effectively establishes financial risk, there is simply no incentive for the insurance company to buy out of the claim. They are not going to pay simply because it’s the right thing to do. Ultimately, what an insurance company will pay on a claim depends on what they perceive to be their probable financial exposure. For that reason, a properly developed claim brought by a knowledgeable advocate has more value. Most Personal Injury cases settle without trial, but it is the threat of taking a hit in court that makes an insurance company eager to buy out of a claim.

For over sixty years, the Nashua Personal Injury lawyers at Winer and Bennett, LLP, have been successfully representing parties injured by defective and unreasonably dangerous products. If you want skilled and determined legal representation, call (603) 882-5157 for a free initial consultation. Our lawyers usually offer their services in such cases without being paid until and unless there is a successful outcome.